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Identifying A Legal Website Online

It is difficult to answer if somebody asks you about the legality of a website online. On what terms would you rate their reliability? How will you be able to tell the others that the website you are using is a legal or illegal one? Here is a list of things that would help you get the differentiations. These points below would clearly tell you whether a particular website is legal or illegal.

  • Legitimate online movie websites tell you clearly the source from where they get the copies of the movies. Generally, with such sites, you don’t get to see new movies and it’s predominantly the ones that are a year old or so. Even if there is a new one streaming online, then they would do it with due permissions from the film studio. For movies or telecasts that have no copyrights from any specific individual, group or organization, they get streamed automatically without a restriction.
  • Such websites, that allow people to watch movie legitimately generally try making money through advertisements apart from being very nice to you in showing movies for free. They do not demand a subscription and hence try getting some money through ads.
  • If there is a website that promises to offer you movies for free, then there should be a `contact us` tab for you to call and contact them. Such websites have nothing to hide from the general public and hence try making things clear with everybody. Such websites generally have thousands of real viewers.
  • Traditionally the legal websites do not have a mobile app but if there is one with this facility then you can watch movies with them without the fear of violation of any copyrights because the app stores generally do not allow contents that are illegal, be it a movie or any video for that matter.