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Drug Tests In The Workplace And The Law

There have been many claims from the drug testing companies but there is so much evidence that states that drug testing has become commonplace in the workplace. These testings are mainly used in the energy generation or the transportation areas or only after an incident happens. There is also a lot of use of the test in the construction business. However, when there has been a requirement of drug testing in a wide range, it has mostly been rejected because of the objections from the union, or because of the cost or also because there is a lot of doubt about the effectiveness of these tests.

Using drugs in the workplace

This is the best over the counter detox for drug test. As per the British crime survey did in the year 2008, it has been observed that around 5.3% of the population of the working age group use illegal drugs on a regular basis. However, many of them are not working because they are unemployed or have a benefit of incapacity. Of them, those who are at work restrict the use of drugs only on the weekends. The research, however, was unable to prove any link between the use of drugs and the accidents in the workplace. This could be because the level of drug usage at work may be very low.

Common drugs used in the workplace

Of those who are at work, the use of prescribed drugs is very common. More than 1.5 million people are addicted to the prescription drugs and also the over-the-counter drugs. However, these drugs are used only occasionally by most of them. The effect of the drug is on the performance of the employee and also decreases his alertness and concentration. The most common drugs that are legal to use are caffeine and alcohol. They are used in order to combat the work fatigue.